11:30-12:00 Commercialising Academic Research

Presenter: Dr Winston Nxumalo, University of Limpopo

Our research group has embarked on a research project that seek to validate traditional medicines being used by herbalists in Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces, to treat Tuberculosis (TB). Our work involve using different extraction techniques to isolate the active compounds and tests them against various strains of TB and also determine the safety of the medicines. We also do structure elucidation of the active compounds in effort to re-synthesise them in our laboratories. The talk will focus on the journey we have embarked on since 2015, how we moved from doing basic academic research and plan on commercialising the research. The project has attracted funding from TIA and was also selected to be part of the Newton Fund Leaders in Innovation Fellowship (LIF3) program in 2016.Through the LIF programme, we have received training and support on how to move the project forward and establish new collaborations with UK researchers.

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