8:00-8:30 A Network of Compact Advanced Lightsources in Africa

Presenter: Dr Michael Feser, Lyncean Technologies

Michael Feser, Ph.D. is Chief Executive Officer and Member of the Board of Directors at Lyncean Technologies, Inc. He received his doctoral degree in Physics in 2002 from Stony Brook University, NY for the development of phase contrast scanning microscopy using segmented detectors. He developed and applied his entrepreneurial skills during his 13 year tenure at Xradia Inc., which he helped grow from the start-up phase as part of the executive team to a mid-sized company followed by a successful buyout by Carl Zeiss Inc. in 2013. In February 2016 he left ZEISS and joined Lyncean in the role of Chief Executive Officer to apply both his executive leadership and management skills as well as his x-ray technology insight to the commercialization of the Compact Light Source (CLS). Dr. Feser is an expert in x-ray applications and in particular x-ray imaging, x-ray optics and x-ray detectors. He serves as the chairman of the Werner-Meyer-Ilse Award committee at the bi-annual international X-ray Microscopy Meeting (XRM) and authored 16 x-ray technology patents and numerous scientific publications.

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