9:30-10:00 Can Digital Science Communication Help Your Organisation?

Facilitator Ms Anina Mumm, Sciencelink

Presenter: Mr Paul Kennedy, Sciencelink


Digital Science Communication means using innovative online tools to tell research stories in new ways, connect science to a connected society, and get stories out to the audiences that you want to reach.
For more than three years, ScienceLink has worked with large and small research organisations around the country, helping to identify communication goals and find ways to meet those needs. This can take the form of a press release, a video, a social media plan or a full-blown science communication strategy.
In this talk, we’ll discuss some of our recent work at ScienceLink, South Africa’s first digital science communication agency, and ignite discussions on how social media, apps and digital newsletters can help your organisation reach new audiences. We hope to convince you that engaging in a conversation with a broad audience is good for your research, and your organisation.



Anina Mumm, ScienceLink
Anina Mumm is a science communication and digital media specialist at ScienceLink, which means she helps scientists connect with the world, particularly through the use of multi-media story-telling and other innovative digital tools. Anina is also the Chairperson of SciBraai, a proudly South African NPO dedicated to science journalism, communication and outreach, and she is an active member of the South African Science Journalists’ Association.






Paul Kennedy, ScienceLink
Paul is a reformed scientist now making a career in digital science communication. As a co-founder of ScienceLink and a volunteer at SciBraai, he is excited to help steer these young organisations towards a bright future. He loves good communication, innovation, and being his own boss, and dislikes ignorance and intolerance in all forms. When not helping make South African research relevant, you’ll find him on the mountain or in the garden.

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