African Academy of Sciences

Organisation: African Academy of Sciences

Name of Exhibition:Driving scientific and technological development in Africa

Exhibition Summary:

In 2015, the African Academy of Sciences launched the Alliance for Accelerating Excellence in Science in Africa, its programmatic arm and funding platform to set the scientific agenda for Africa. Since the launch of AESA, the AAS has set to shift the centre of gravity for African research to Africa and is implementing eight programmes that are funding ground breaking research from the continent to tackle climate change, improve the health of Africa’s people, promote innovation, expand into scientific frontiers, such as stem cell, genomics and precision public health and building capacity of African science journalists. In addition, together with partners, we have created the Coalition for African Research and Innovation (CARI) , which represents the first attempt to bring together various stakeholders—governments, private sector, funders and research institutions—to ignite a conversation on how to mobilise support for science that yields commitments to collaboratively meet short-term development objectives while building long-term capacity and to provide the much needed coordinated approach that is being led by the Alliance for Accelerating Excellence in Science in Africa and R&D funders in Africa. The exhibition will showcase some of this groundbreaking work and seeks to ignite conversations to take African science forward.


Contact: Felix Dapare

Tel/Mobile: 079 487 3777


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