Agricultural Research Council

Organisation: Agricultural Research Council

Name of Exhibition: Agricultural Research Council

Exhibition Summary:

The Agricultural Research Council’s exhibition will focus on solutions/innovations that enhance Food and nutrition security.

Food and nutrition security has become a focal discussion internationally. It is estimated that the global population will grow to 9 billion by 2050 resulting in the need for more food. There’s no one size fits all solution. Many interventions that have attempted to address the challenges of food security have not adequately considered the complexity of the problem nor the need for locally driven solutions. Agriculture productivity will be negatively influenced by climate change, soil degradation and water challenges, amongst others. New agricultural technologies will be needed to ensure that sufficient food is produced to feed the population. Bold decisions will have to be taken today to secure the future. It is against this background that the potent discussions need to ensue at the 2017 Science Forum, while highlighting the innovations achieved thus far.

Contact: Nkami Sethole

Tel/Mobile: 012 427 9700 / 078 113 7740

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