Biosafety South Africa

Organisation: Biosafety South Africa

Name of Exhibition: Decoding GMO Governance in South Africa

Exhibition Summary:

According to the 2016 Public Perception of Biotechnology in South Africa survey, one of the biggest hurdles to the employment of genetic modification (GM) and related biotechnologies is the lack of knowledge, rather than the polarised perceptions.  Biosafety South Africa (SA), is a key public platform of the Technology Innovation Agency which supports the development of safe and sustainable GM and related biotechnology products. Biotechnology research, development and application are varied and any particular biotech activity or product may be regulated under any number of widely different pieces of South African legislation.  GMOs, in particular, are governed principally by the GMO Act. A key function of Biosafety SA is to develop capacity and competence in biosafety and to communicate biosafety related information to stakeholders, including the general public to develop awareness of the biosafety systems in place in South Africa and to develop confidence in these systems.


Contact:Jhill Johns
Tel/Mobile: 021 850 0530 / 078 273 0321


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