Council of Scientific and Industrial Research

Organisation: Council of Scientific and Industrial Research

Name of Exhibition: Electric Vehicles

Exhibition Summary:

The CSIR is currently conducting a technology assessment and driver experience of Electric Vehicles. 10 vehicles have been bought (4 x BMWi3 and 6xNissan) and incorporated in the CSIR fleet for use by its employees. This demo project will expose the employees to a new technology in the transport sector. The research will focus mainly on the following:

Assessing the suitability/ acceptance of the new vehicle technology by society

  • Understand the operating costs of running an EV in South African and its environmental impact
  • Monitoring of battery performance and life
  • Integration of cars into the Energy Autonomous Campus to balance demand and supply

Contact: Nicoleen Meeding

Tel/Mobile: 012 842 7263 /083 553 7953


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