Crystal Clear Science and Technology Club Pty (Ltd)

Organisation: Crystal Clear Science and Technology Club Pty (Ltd)

 Name of Exhibition: High School Science and Technology Club Model

 Exhibition Summary:

We are exhibiting the learner participation opportunity model. Science and Technology Club, for our Grade 9-12 learners.

We designed this model for the Industries, Science and Technology Institutions and Research Councils to have a clear platform for communicating their research findings with our learners. The information will help motivate our learners with Science and Technology Clubs in their school to know more and follow at ease the careers in Science, Technology and Engineering.

Our university students will also get an opportunity to participate in our model, and that will help in transformation because in the process we are looking to create thousands of jobs for our post graduate youth whom will play a role in creating a clear path between our high schools, Universities and Industries.

Through this year’s SFSA 2017, we’re hoping to ignite the conversations on how can we unlock some of the immediate opportunities our country at large have, to deal effectively with our Triple challenges, Unemployment, Poverty and Inequality.

We are of the view that the Solutions are in our Basic Education. Therefore, the Science and Technology Clubs, are the immediate opportunities to be explored.


Contact:Emmanuel Moloto

Tel/Mobile: 078 245 1699 / 065 821 8056


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