Elsivier and SARIMA

Organisation: Southern African Research and Innovation Management Association

Name of Exhibition: Southern African Research and Innovation Management Association (SARIMA)

Exhibition Summary:

The Southern African Research and Innovation Management Association (SARIMA) is a membership organisation of Research and Innovation Managers that operates at an institutional, national and international level, as well as across the value chain, from research through to successful innovation (commercialization). SARIMA provides a platform for the promotion and facilitation of best practice in research and innovation management in Southern Africa.

Our purpose is to strengthen the research and innovation system to ensure the social and economic development of the Southern African region. The organisation has three (3) portfolios – Research Management (RM), Innovation and Technology Transfer (I&TT) and Africa Engagement (AE) through which it does its work. SARIMA is engaged on an annual basis with a large number of research and innovation management professionalization activities, including capacity development courses, national surveys and other interventions.

SARIMA engages a cohort of Southern African Development community (SADC) focal points to promote research and innovation management within the broader Southern African region. It furthermore manages and co-ordinates a growing portfolio of multilateral programmes and projects in support of the SARIMA mandate and for the benefit of its members and stakeholders.


Contact: Jose Jackson-Malete

Tel/Mobile: 012841 3329
Email: josej@sarima.co.za

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