Government of Flanders – BELSPO (Belgium)

Organisation: Government of Flanders – BELSPO (Belgium)

Name of Exhibition: Government of Flanders – BELSPO (Belgium)

Exhibition Summary:

The General Representation of the Government of Flanders is the diplomatic mission of Flanders, the northern region of Belgium. In addition to supporting and facilitating official contacts, we also give particular attention to academic, cultural and public diplomacy and to development cooperation with three countries in Southern Africa: Malawi, Mozambique and South Africa.

Flemish universities and university colleges have long-standing cooperation with universities in Southern Africa, in education as well as research. We have identified a number of ground-breaking research projects that we would like to present at an exhibition space during the Science Forum South Africa 2017. Each of those projects is the result of a cooperation between Flemish and South African universities and has the capacity to ‘Ignite conversations about science’, with a special emphasis on the (South) African context.

This year, the General Representation shares its expo stand with Belspo, the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office. The main objectives of Belspo are helping to progress towards the Barcelona objective (devoting 3% of the GDP to research and development), participating in job creation and well-being through innovation, optimising the running of the Belgian research area and fighting against climate change. At the Science Forum 2017, Belspo, will highlight some of the ground-breaking space projects that are being developed in Belgium by the federal research institutions.


Contact:Deputy General Representative Zvi Raman
Tel/Mobile: 012 460 0781

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