Human Sciences Research Council and Codesria

Organisation: Human Sciences Research Council

Name of Exhibition: Human Sciences Research Council

Exhibition Summary:

The HSRC promotes and undertakes public interest research. This research aims to advance South Africa and Africa’s understanding of and engagement with its social conditions and the particular contexts within which these social conditions occur. The knowledge we generate seeks to contribute to local, regional and global understandings of the human and social conditions of people, and the processes and interventions which will assist in the improvement of their social standing. The HSRC therefore aims to be a hub of knowledge production, translation and dissemination for policymakers as well as the broader public.

Poverty and inequality are two of the most critical issues facing the country. These phenomena are responsible for, and exacerbate, many of the most serious challenges with which South Africans have to deal on a daily basis. These challenges include shortages of basic provisions such as food and shelter, and also the regular inability of large numbers of South Africans to meet more complex needs such as health, well-being and the fulfilment of their personal aspirations. Understanding how inequality is produced and reproduced and how it can be disrupted through changing South Africa’s structural and psycho-social realities is a priority focus area for the HSRC.


Contact:Bridgette Prince
Tel/Mobile: 021 422 3344

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