National Metrology Institute of South Africa

Organisation: National Metrology Institute of South Africa

Name of Exhibition: Celebrating 70 Years of Metrology in South Africa

Exhibition Summary:

NMISA is responsible for maintaining the SI units and to develop primary scientific standards of physical quantities for SA and compare those standards with other national standards to ensure global measurement equivalence. Furthermore, the institute is mandated to provide reference analysis in the case of a measurement dispute and to maintain and develop primary methods for chemical analysis to certify reference materials for SA and the region.

This year, we are celebrating 70 years of accurate scientific measurements in South Africa and 10 years since NMISA was established as an independent entity. Our exhibition will be showcasing our journey and success over the years.

Contact: Xolelwa Mfengu

Tel/Mobile: 012 841 3523 / 072 866 4112

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