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Organisation: NTP Radioisotopes SOC Ltd

Name of Exhibition:NTP World Leader in Medical Radioisotopes

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NTP Radioisotopes is a leading global company with a proud South African heritage.

In a highly competitive market, NTP partners innovation with consistent high standards, putting our customers first. We aim to become the leading global preferred supplier of nuclear technology products and services.

NTP is a state-owned public company, and a subsidiary of the South African Nuclear Energy Corporation (Necsa).  Originally conceived in the early 1970s to supply the local South African market with commercial radiopharmaceuticals, NTP is now among the world’s top producers and distributors of key medical radioisotopes used in diagnostic imaging and therapy products.

NTP currently supplies up to a third of global demand for molybdenum-99, which is the most widely used medical isotope. The daughter or decay product of Mo-99, technetium-99m (Tc-99m), is used in more than 40-million medical diagnostic imaging studies every year.

Headquartered at Necsa’sPelindaba enterprises complex in South Africa, NTP offers a uniquely integrated production, processing, packaging and delivery service, operating 24 hours a day to ensure the safe, rapid, and reliable delivery of radiopharmaceuticals to users around the world.

NTP has a proud safety record, and offers its employees excellent benefits including added support and encouragement through the company’s ongoing training programmes and study support programme.


Contact: Manubha Ramdunnie

Tel/Mobile: 012 305 5756 / 083 645 5119
Email: manubha@ntp.co.za

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