Pelchem Soc Ltd

Organisation: PelchemSoc Ltd

Name of Exhibition: Fluorochemical Excellence

Exhibition Summary:

Pelchem is a global manufacturer and supplier of commodity and specialty chemicals such as hydrogen fluoride, hydrofluoric acid, fluoride salts, fluorine gas, fluorine gas mixtures and a range of speciality fluoride materials to South African and international customers. We toll manufacture speciality fluorochemicals for polymer production and surface fluorinate plastic components such as bottles, pipes, tanks and other plastic to reduce solvent permeation and panelling.

Surface Fluorinated containers are widely accepted for the packaging of agricultural chemicals, petrochemicals, automotive fuels, paint products, veterinary medicines, food products, household and industrial cleaners and medicinal products. Pipes are also Surface Fluorinated for the petrochemical industry


Contact: Johanna T Mabitsela

Tel/Mobile: 012 305 4023 / 079 437 4197

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