SA Sasol Solar Challenge

Organisation: SA Sasol Solar Challenge

Name of Exhibition: SASSC and Dialogues Programme

Exhibition Summary:

The SA Sasol Solar Challenge (SSC) is an eclectic collaborative platform showcasing the advancement of solar technologies and their application demonstrated by academics, budding technological entrepreneurs and renewable energy enthusiasts. The SSC is an internationally accredited Solar Challenge calendar event accredited to the ISF and FIA delivering a highly competitive showcase where ‘brain sport’ and fierce competition is the order of the day. Being SA’s sixth bi-annual Solar Challenge and ‘10 year anniversary’ since the inaugural 2008 Challenge, the 2018 event will seek to host 15 international teams, 10 local teams and a sustainability of 15 plus fully Electric vehicles.

An intervention running parallel with the Solar Challenge is the Dialogues Programme that facilitates a collective dialogue to match identified needs in communities with solutions available through the creation of a collaborative science/stakeholder platform created through the Solar Challenge. The purpose of the Dialogues programme is to enable long term measurable sustainable community development through the collective planning, implementation, measurement and evaluation of community focused interventions. These interventions are planned from a collaborative stakeholder platform, but facilitates sustainable development through inception and implementation with community ownership as main driver. The Dialogues programme plays a facilitation role throughout the process and monitors and evaluates real impact over time.


Contact: Paul Bisogno

Tel/Mobile: 072 804 5342 / 072 630 8193

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