Science CEO Academy

Organisation: Science CEO Academy

 Name of Exhibition: STEM Education

 Exhibition Summary:

ScienceCEO Academy is a world leading change agent of science, technology,  engineering, mathematics and innovation (STEMI) in schools, communities and research environment; founded as a non-profit company in 2015 (Reg: 2015/365815/08) by STEM Professionals.

The principal aims of the Academy is to increase number of matriculants that qualify to study degrees in STEM through providing them with tutorials at High School level mainly at under-resourced Schools, to mentor and guide them on career choices; to equip educators with necessary technological tools (e-learning) to further develop their competency in delivering of the curriculum; and to promote innovation.

The Academy will showcase the projects that it has conducted in KwaZulu Natal and services that it offers which are the following:

  • Tutoring Program
  • Mentoring Program
  • STEM Career guidance
  • Girls-In-STEM Program
  • Teachers-In-STEM Program
  • Educational workshops

The Academy provides the above mentioned services through partnership with Department of Basic Education, Department of Higher Education; and companies.


Contact: Nozibusiso Gumede

Tel/Mobile: 031 941 6020 / 072 761 9863

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