South African Youth Chamber of Commerce

Organisation: South African Youth Chamber of Commerce

Name of Exhibition:Technopreneurship

Exhibition Summary:

We let the revolution to begin at an early age of the digital generation of innovative minds, by innovatively creating value through fun ways of learning and teaching. Teaching the Youth to code from an early age helps them to develop other learning skills that they will need in their academic journey. It is important that these skills are taught at a very young age so that they form part of their lives, and they embrace a culture of problem solving and developing solutions to day-to-day problems that they face in their communities. The Youth Ingage is a “unique” board game designed specifically for gaining business ownership skills in a fun, educational context, while instilling the winning mentality amongst the school learners. The South African Youth Chamber of Commerce is in the business of making South Africa a home of innovation.


Contact: Thapelo Maleke

Tel/Mobile: 012 770 3340/084 353 8885



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