Implementation of African Science Plans

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Moderator: Prof Jonathan Matondo, University of Swaziland Panelist: Prof Raymond Durrheim, University of the Witwatersrand Panelist: Prof Sunita Facknath, University of Mauritius Panelist: Dr Regina Folorunsho, Nigerian Institute for Oceanography and Marine Research Panelist: Prof Alberto Júlio Tsamba, Universidade Eduardo Mondlane   […]

African Space Science and Technology: An Instrument for Development

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Moderator: Dr Val Munsami, South African National Space Agency Panelist: Mr Humbulani Mudau, South African National Space Agency Panelist: Mr Dickson Adomako, Ghana Space Science and Technology Institute Panelist: Ms Nomfoneko Mjaja, The Department of Trade and Industry Panelist: Dr Ibrahim Mayaki, The New Partnership for Africa’s Development […]

Come Back: How Africa Attracts Its Young Scientists

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Moderator: Dr Luc Allemand, Panelist: Prof Tony Ezomé, Masuku University of Science and Technology Panelist: Dr Anton Le Roex, University of Cape Town Panelist: Dr Patience Mthunzi-Kufa, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research Panelist: Dr Tantely Razafimbelo, University of Antananarivo Panelist: Dr Komminist Weldemariam, IBM Research Africa […]

A Storm on the Horizon in Research Management

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Moderator:  Dr Therina Theron, Stellenbosch University Panellist: Ms Changu Batisani, College of Distance and Open Learning (BOCODOL) Panellist: Dr David Langley, University of Bristol Panellist: Dr Anna Matros-Goreses, Namibian University of Science and Technology Panellist: Prof Thandi Mgwebi, Tshwane University of Technology Panellist: Prof Asta Pundziene, Kaunas University of Technology […]