Current Trends of Precision Health

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Moderator: Mrs. Nathalie Munyampenda, Associate Director, Partnerships and Public Engagement, Next Einstein Forum  Panelist: Dr Youssef Travaly, Next Einstein Forum Panelist: Dr Vinet Coetzee, NEF Fellow, University of Pretoria Panelist: Ms Glaudina Loots, Director of Health Innovation at the South African Department of Science and Technology Panelist: Ms Alma Scott, Africa Operations and Partnerships for [...]

International Academic Exchanges: Collaboration Opportunities

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Moderator: Dr Priscilla Mensah, National Research Foundation Panelist: Prof Kingsley Ayisi, University of Limpopo Panelist: Mr Mervin Bakker, Dutch Organisation for Internationalisation Panelist: Dr Anja Hallacker, German Academic Exchange Service – DAAD Panelist: Prof Stefaan Slembrouck, University of Ghent […]

The Vitality and Effectiveness of TWAS ‘Young Scientists’ Opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa

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Moderator: Prof Robin Crewe, Centre for the Advancement of Scholarship Panelist: Dr Archana Bhaw-Luximon, University of Mauritius Panelist: Prof Collet Dandara, University of Cape Town Panelist: Prof Quarraisha Abdool Karim, CAPRISA Panelist: Prof Moctar Toure, TWAS […]