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Name of Exhibition: The Conversation Africa – “Academic rigour, journalistic flair”

Exhibition Summary:

The voices of academics matter: why science must escape the ivory tower – We believe a well-informed citizenry strengthens democracy in Africa. This is what drives our work as The Conversation Africa (TC-Africa), a non-governmental, not-for-profit agency serving universities and the research sector in Africa.

TC-Africa’s mission is to mainstream research and the work of academics by supporting science communication. We do this by working with academics and researchers, who author articles based on their research and analysis. TC-Africa editors work with academics and researchers to ensure the articles are easily understood by policy makers as well as the general public. We publish under creative commons which means all articles published on the site can be reused by other media outlets, with two provisos: the material isn’t changed, and the authors and TC-Africa are credited. There is clearly a deep thirst for evidence-based articles given that over 95% of the articles published on the site have been re-used by at least two other media outlets.

Articles are published daily on our website- .

Contact: Pfungwa M. Nyamukachi

Tel/Mobile: 011 717 8881 / 082 556 5181

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