University of Pretoria

Organisation: University of Pretoria

Name of Exhibition: Research that matters locally and internationally

Exhibition Summary:

The exhibition will showcase demand-driven research activities conducted by the University of Pretoria (UP). As one of leading research-intensive universities in Africa, UP fosters research that addresses needs or challenges prevailing in Africa and beyond as expressed in the South African National Development Programme (NDP), the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs), Science, Technology & Innovation 2024 (STISA 2024), the African Union Agenda 2063 and the Continental Education Strategy for Africa (CESA 2025).

Based on its nine Faculties and over 100 research institutes and research centres, the University of Pretoria’s long-term UP2025 strategic goals capture broad research themes that are shaped by trans-disciplinarity and convergence of science. For instance, the recently established Future Africa Research Institute aims to train a new generation of transdisciplinary research leaders who are able to lead the transformation of science and innovation systems in Africa for sustainable development.  Another institute that will be exhibited among many others is the UP Institute of Sustainable Malaria Control, which conducts cutting-edge research.


Contact: Dr Aceme Nyika

Tel/Mobile: 012420 6851

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