A Social Innovation

Presenter: Ms Kutlwano Mofolo

Ms Kutlwano Mofolo

Kutlwano Vanessa Mofolo is a 23 year old with experience and knowledge in Strategic brand management and brand building management. Previously, she was the assistant manager at Digital Opportunity Trust (South Africa) – Corporate Social Corps in partnership with IBM. She has facilitated in numerous programs in leadership, personal and career development. Currently working in partnership with GlamTech USA.

This Plenary will discuss how growing science and technology is radically transforming innovation and societies in South Africa, in particular how to accelerate the industries of tomorrow and ecosystems. Panellists will provide insight on how innovative policies that include finance, healthcare and education can be put in place to radically transform Africa’s Digital Economy and business landscape in communities by shaping the full potential of this new emerging concept for Africa. This will help bring solutions to build Africa’s future through local innovations, using these innovations to build scale and finally, taking these innovations to other countries. The dependant on innovation will help grow the need for trans disciplinary science and research.