Biosafety South Africa

Organisation: Biosafety South Africa

Name of Exhibition: Biosafety South Africa – Sustainable Biotech Innovation

Exhibition Summary:

Biosafety South Africa (SA), a service platform of the Technology Innovation Agency, operates within the national biotech innovation system, under the auspices of the Department of Science & Technology (DST). The core business of Biosafety SA is to provide value-adding services and investments aimed at enabling the sustainable development and use of biotechnology in South Africa.
Since its inception Biosafety SA has not only established itself as the biosafety service provider of choice for South African regulators, researchers and technology developers, but also for those in Africa. A biosafety and sustainability focus has been included in the agendas and actions of many national stakeholder groups based on the prominence it was given through this platform. Biosafety SA is now a prominent and trusted brand within the regional biosafety governance space. The continued solicitation of Biosafety SA’s services by international organisations, regional regulatory authorities, local government departments, and numerous local research and development organisations and companies, attest to its relevance and the quality of the services it offers.

Although Biosafety SA was initially established based on the premise of biosafety governance, and in particular genetically modified organisms (GMOs) biosafety governance (hence its name), its scope and impact has evolved over time to include other biorisk governance matters and eventually to the broader concept of “sustainability by design”. Sustainable biotech products are safe to humans, animals and the environment, economically viable and appropriate within a particular socio-political context. Effective and sustainable biotech innovation therefore depends on the proactive, integrated consideration of the safety and viability of the biotech products under development along the entire biotech product/ stakeholder value chain.

Biosafety SA adds value by:
• Improving accessibility to biotech information, sustainability data, services and funding.
• Encouraging discovery in strategic sustainability R&D and biotech innovation.
• Increasing capacity in sustainability R&D, risk analysis and sustainable biotech innovation.
• Developing partnerships to collaborate, access funding and influence policy.
• Encouraging innovation in sustainable biotech products.


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