10:00-10:30 Dancing with change – Leading and Facilitating change during disruption

Presenter: Ms Natasha Winkler-Titus

Ms Natasha Winkler-Titus

Following on a career in senior management in corporate as well as Management consultant with 2 of the big five, Natasha now works independantly with the executive teams of multinational organisations in South Africa and abroad.

Although sound in theory, Natasha’s stance remains to understand the environment she enters into and take as pragmatic as possible approach to facilitate successful delivery and buy-in for sustainable change. She has worked internationally across multi cultures and languages and at all levels within organizations; independently, in larger deployment teams and as part of geographically dispersed virtual teams.

Natasha also teaches OD and Change theory for Masters students and speaks on the topic at local and international events.

Natasha is currently writing her thesis toward a PhD in I/O Psychology; her thesis: Explaining how the socio political context and external power dynamics forces change on organisations. She recently won the best full paper award for a paper presented at the BAM (British Academy of Management) conference 2018 in Bristol, UK.

Natasha gives back some of her 22 years of experience by serving on the executive of the society for I/O psychologists in SA as well as campaigning sponsorship toward a feeding scheme for a local school in her community in Richards Bay.

Change management is popular; but a fallacy. The speed at which disruption is coming at us seldom present time for planning, control or thinking we can manage change. Moving away from the typical and populous change management approaches and narrative, this session will challenge for a more engaging and fluid approach to leading change through disruption. Research suggests organizational behavior change in a digital world hinges on game changing behavior and focus on how to implement strategies to respond to new conditions. When properly understood and applied, change management is a key enabler for successful change in times of disruption and digital transformation. The key insights toward a new fluid approach to facilitating disruptive change includes accommodation for improvisation and allowing planned approaches to accommodate for discovery, sense and meaning making by those expected to change mindset and behavior. The approach needs to anticipate the level of mindset and behavior change required for sustainable change, approach communication as a dialogue, understand the roots of resistance and have a collaborative and inclusive approach. This session applies a behavioral change lens on the disruption in South African context and will leave delegates with practical insights to approaching change in organizations.