Embassy of Switzerland

Organisation: Embassy of Switzerland

Name of Exhibition: Swiss South Africa Joint Research Programme

Exhibition Summary:

The exhibition will be a photo exhibition on a selection of the Swiss South Africa Joint Research Projects implemented from 2008 – 2018 as a highlight of the ten years of research collaboration between Switzerland and South Africa. Early 2018 the Swiss Embassy commissioned a South African photographer to take photos of the Swiss South Africa joint research projects of which half were taken in South Africa and the other half of the projects were taken in Switzerland.

The 62 joint research projects falls within the domains of communicable diseases; non-communicable diseases; clean technology; sustainable systems; social sciences and big data (astronomy). The idea is to do individual mounting of the chosen projects and photos with a small write-up on each project which could be mounted across the public spaces of the Science Forum.

Making use of the public spaces of the science forum present an excellent opportunity for embassies to showcase their joint collaboration with South Africa. Having in mind that the Swiss SA joint research projects are now in the tenth year of implementation making it relevant to accept this unique exhibition format from the Swiss Embassy.

It is proposed that the exhibition will be jointly developed between the Swiss embassy and DST because of the nature of the exhibition being the joint research programme between Switzerland and South Africa but with the lead by DST.


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