10:00-10:30 Industry 4.0 Value Creation with the Internet of Things: Application and Cybersecurity Risks

Presenter: Mr Sean Kruger

Mr Sean Kruger

Currently I act as the MakerSpace Coordinator in Strategic Innovation at the University of Pretoria. Being in a strategic innovation environment, I have the experience and privilege to manage change at all levels of the organisation, and drive innovation projects and entrepreneurial endeavours. This has built my experience across multiple disciplines as well as skill set; which includes rapid prototyping, strategy development, product management, IT systems and user experience design with a key interest in the role cybersecurity will play in the future with the Fourth Industrial Revolution on the rise.  Between all these engagements, I strive to support lifelong learning, and am completing my second Master’s degree in Information Technology. As such I am 2 Parts Academic, 1 Part Geek, 2 Parts Businessman and 1 Part Adventurer!

Industry 4.0, also known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, is upon us. It is characterised by the fusion of technologies between the physical, digital, and biological spheres. This enablement and level of interconnectedness has developed at an exponential rate changing the very way people live, interact and consume resources by coordinating and connecting technologies such as adaptive robotics, artificial intelligence, rapid prototyping as well as embedded systems stemming from the Internet of Things (IoT).

The purpose of this talk then is to provide a platform to discuss applications and potential value creation mechanisms through the IoT, as there are approximately 50 billion Iot devices estimated by 2020. Furthermore, considerations pertaining to the cyber security aspects inherently associated with IoT can also be reviewed, as there is currently a lack of a single universal consensus on architecture. With this fast approaching and all-encompassing field, questions such as “how do we support and prepare academics as well as industry’s to leverage on these technologies and enable value creation across multiple disciplines?”, “how do businesses, government and institutions prepare for the wave of new technologies IoTs bring?” as well as the fundamental shifts we need to make to ensure data protection arise, making for an exciting and pertinent discussion.