Italian Embassy in South Africa

Organisation: Italian Embassy in South Africa

Name of Exhibition: Reveal history through science

Exhibition Summary:

Modern archaeology relies more and more on scientific diagnostic methods and techniques to discover, preserve, keep, identify and understand the ancient manufacts whose value is often immense. In a collaboration with the Egyptian Museum in Turin (, the Italian Embassy and the Italian Institute of Culture are planning to showcase the scientific techniques and methods which form the core of modern archaeology and are at the forefront of archaeological research (including the conservation techniques).

3-D reconstruction of manufacts and sites, laser scanning, image processing, photogrammetry, 3-d printing, tomography, neutronic radiography and diffraction, georadar, ultrasounds, CAT scans are some of the techniques currently used by the Egyptian Museum in Turin to perform up-to-date investigations and achieve the best understanding of its outstanding collection. Modern scientific instruments and large scale scientific infrastructures play a crucial role, being the analysis tools capable to realize accurate investigations and to achieve important results. The stand will showcase the links between science, technology, history and culture.


Dr Pierguido Sarti
Tel/Mobile: 012-423 0036 / 079-602 6335