10:00-10:30 Metrofarming for Urban Production

Mrs Andiswa Sibanda
Mrs Samkelisiwe Chunda

Mrs Andiswa Sibanda

Co-Founder of Sibayeni Metrofarming producing vegetables throughout implementation of farming technologies and innovation. Andiswa has a Bachelor Degree in Financial Accounting. Three (3)years experience in language and communication training. One {1} year experience in property management and property agent. She does administrative work for Sibayeni Metrofarming and conduct Agribusiness training for youth and learners in schools.

Mrs Samkelisiwe Chunda

Founder of Sibayeni Metrofarming producing vegetables throughout implementation of farming technologies and innovation. Samkelisiwe is a property investor in Gauteng and Mpumalanga Provinces in South Africa. She is a Bachelor of Science Honors graduate in Environmental Management. Undertaken other studies in Business Management and in Project Management. She has worked as an environmentalist and agricultural scientist in different government departments for over 13years. She is an Author of three books: Young Wealth, Purposeful Prayers and the Best years of my Financial Freedom.

She is committed to youth development and using her Sibayeni Centers in Nkomazi and KwaMhlanga to train young unemployed graduates in different environmental issues including water conservation, waste recycling and food production.

The new science of city farming

Urbanisation and the population is growing everyday, yet half the population in the world see growing food as hard

Sibayeni Metrofarming, We make farming easy and possible.

The older generation associate farming with their relationship with their grandparents. The Y generation associate farming with a teacher in class, or a conversation on TV or article on newspaper. The millennials got it from conversation like expropriation without compensation, land is expensive, land grabs, and/or fake foods

Regardless of your background, fact is

. We all need food daily

. More than half the food we consume is imported

. Fake foods are real

. Which proves the urgent need for Metro-farming technologies.

Metrofarming Objective

. To create limited farming land for emerging farmers,

. To present an easy to use educational tool for agriculture lessons in schools,

. To provide enable Urban dwellers to produce food from patios, high-rise buildings, office space

. To provide food security solution for RDP Housing beneficiaries

Project Results

. A vertical farming DIY infrastructure

. Increased yield productivity for crop vegetables

. Maximized land-space

. 90% irrigation water conservation

. An Environmentally friendly infrastructure that does not need pesticides or herbicide

. Farming skills transfer


The project encouraged sustainable urban farming practices, skills transfer and techniques. The project encouraged Environmentally friendly, water conservation and organic food production.