14:00-14:30 Pharmaceutical Trends in Sub-Saharan Africa as seen in the data

Presenter: Mr Randall Crisp
Presenter: Mr Zulfaqar Dudhia

Mr Randall Crisp

Mr Randall Crisp is a Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical Development specialist for Sub Saharan Africa within Clarivate Analytics. He received his Undergraduate and Post graduate degrees from the University of the Western Cape before entering the scientific equipment industry, specializing in high resolution microscopy. Within Clarivate Analytics, his responsibilities include fostering an environment within which members of the industry from discovery to commercialization uncover what they didn’t know, they didn’t know. Understanding the competitive space within such a diverse yet demand industry with many unanswered questions can be a challenge, but through packaged intelligence, navigating the unique challenges we face in Africa become easier to address.

Mr Zulfaqar Dudhia

Mr. Zulfaqar Dudhia is Regional Manager for Intellectual Property from Clarivate Analytics, formerly the IP & Science business of Thomson Reuters.  In this position, he is responsible for Innovation, Brand and Cyber security development related matters across Sub-Saharan Africa. In the past he has worked for a specialized IP Law Firm and then practiced at South African Universities’ Technology Transfer Offices.

He received his Undergraduate degree from Otago University (New Zealand) and Postgraduate degrees from Stellenbosch University, before doing Patent Articles and Board Examinations. He is also a member of regional and international professional bodies.

Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), with its incredible diversity, high percentage of global disease burden and vast geography, offers the world of medical research and development, the recipe for opportunity. The African market as a whole is expected to reach $45 billion by 2020 and with the population of Africa adopting a more Western lifestyle, coupled with a shift in burden to non-communicable diseases, the demand for prescription drugs and innovative treatments has increased. Understanding the current and future trends which drive demand with health sectors in SSA is key to the future health of a region where six of world’s 10 fastest growing countries exist. Here we would like to demonstrate the trends within the industry as seen in the data, from the more prolific diseases which plague the lives of millions to the distribution of clinical trial starts and changing trends across the past decade. Who are the major players at both the Higher Education and Commercial level and what kind of impact are they having?