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Academy of Science of South Africa

Organisation: Academy of Science of South Africa

Name of Exhibition: Science for Society

Exhibition Summary:

Igniting conversations about how research can address challenging national issues, shape national discourse and offer possible solutions while shining a spotlight on the source of problems.


Tsepo Majake
Tel/Mobile: 012-349 6645 / 083-732 5659
Email: tsepo@assaf.org.za

Africa Business Integration (Pty) Ltd

Organisation: Africa Business Integration (Pty) Ltd

Name of Exhibition: BONANG.ai

Exhibition Summary:

There’s never been a more urgent need for comprehensive security and surveillance solutions to augment our human resources. Because we can’t be everywhere and see everything that’s going on around us, we need tools to help.

Traditional security and surveillance systems function like additional sets of eyes, helping us keep watch over multiple locations simultaneously using remote cameras and centrally located CCTV monitors. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies have transformed this concept into something much more robust, with software that can analyze what’s happening on the screen and proactively alert authorities when something isn’t quite right.

We thus present the BONANG.ai Intelligent Security and Surveillance systems which are more complex than their predecessors because their tasks are more complex.


Tebogo Nakampe
063-048 5733

Africa Evidence Network

Organisation: Africa Evidence Network

 Name of Exhibition:Africa Evidence Network

 Exhibition Summary:

The Africa Evidence Network (AEN) is community of over 1500 people across the continent, supported by a secretariat at the Africa Centre for Evidence at the University of Johannesburg, South Africa. Our membership is free and includes researchers, civil society, practitioners and decision-makers from universities, NGOs and government. The aim of the Network is to link people and activities across various initiatives, organisations and fields working to produce and use better evidence. This brings opportunities for networking and knowledge sharing in the evidence-informed decision-making field (EIDM). The activities undertaken by the AEN are all focused on facilitating a connection between EIDM practitioners within Africa.


Precious Motha
Tel/Mobile: 011-559 1935
Email: ace@uj.ac.za


Organisation: AfricaBio

Name of Exhibition: AfricaBio

Exhibition Summary:

AfricaBio is an independent, non-profit biotechnology stakeholder association. It was established in 1999 to provide accurate information and raise awareness about biotechnology and biosafety in South Africa and Africa. Our members include consumers, retailers, manufacturers, biotechnology companies, industry associations, farmers, agricultural organisations, students, professionals, scientists, and research and tertiary education institutions. Biotechnology has an important role to play in addressing the agricultural, medical and industrial needs of Africa. AfricaBio supports science based assessment of biotechnological products to protect the well-being of people, animals and the environment.


Penelope Mahlangu
Tel/Mobile: 012-844 0126 / 072-453 7255
Email: Penelope@africabio.com

African Academy of Sciences

Organisation: African Academy of Sciences

Name of Exhibition:Transformed lives through science

Exhibition Summary:

Our booth is on ‘Dreaming of an Africa where Science, Technology and Innovation has been unleashed’. We want visitors to our booth, to spend a few minutes imagining/dreaming of what an Africa where science, technology and innovation has been unleashed would look like, write it down and enter their dream into a word cloud and then engage us in conversation on their dream. In return we will tell them the current updated figures/situation of STI in Africa and engage them on what we need to do to achieve their dream including the role they play.


Deborah-Fay Ndlovu
Tel/Mobile: +254 20 806 0674/6 / +254 727 660 760
Email: d.ndlovu@aaasciences.ac.ke

Beijing Association for Science and Technology

Organisation: Beijing Association for Science and Technology

Name of Exhibition: Driverless Technology Display & Youth Science Pictures Display

Exhibition Summary:

The Puppy smart car is a teaching platform for self-driving cars based on the Raspberry Pi. It’s rear wheel drive, front wheel steering. In the simulated environment, it uses a camera to identify roads and an ultrasonic radar to evade obstacles. We offer basic courses for self-driving car engineers based on Puppy. In addition, we offer advanced courses based on another platform, a formula electric vehicle.


Guo Zhenyu
Tel/Mobile: (86-10) 84614275 / (86) 13522667085
Email: pauldeguo@hotmail.com


Biosafety South Africa

Organisation: Biosafety South Africa

Name of Exhibition: Biosafety South Africa – Sustainable Biotech Innovation

Exhibition Summary:

Biosafety South Africa (SA), a service platform of the Technology Innovation Agency, operates within the national biotech innovation system, under the auspices of the Department of Science & Technology (DST). The core business of Biosafety SA is to provide value-adding services and investments aimed at enabling the sustainable development and use of biotechnology in South Africa.
Since its inception Biosafety SA has not only established itself as the biosafety service provider of choice for South African regulators, researchers and technology developers, but also for those in Africa. A biosafety and sustainability focus has been included in the agendas and actions of many national stakeholder groups based on the prominence it was given through this platform. Biosafety SA is now a prominent and trusted brand within the regional biosafety governance space. The continued solicitation of Biosafety SA’s services by international organisations, regional regulatory authorities, local government departments, and numerous local research and development organisations and companies, attest to its relevance and the quality of the services it offers.

Although Biosafety SA was initially established based on the premise of biosafety governance, and in particular genetically modified organisms (GMOs) biosafety governance (hence its name), its scope and impact has evolved over time to include other biorisk governance matters and eventually to the broader concept of “sustainability by design”. Sustainable biotech products are safe to humans, animals and the environment, economically viable and appropriate within a particular socio-political context. Effective and sustainable biotech innovation therefore depends on the proactive, integrated consideration of the safety and viability of the biotech products under development along the entire biotech product/ stakeholder value chain.

Biosafety SA adds value by:
• Improving accessibility to biotech information, sustainability data, services and funding.
• Encouraging discovery in strategic sustainability R&D and biotech innovation.
• Increasing capacity in sustainability R&D, risk analysis and sustainable biotech innovation.
• Developing partnerships to collaborate, access funding and influence policy.
• Encouraging innovation in sustainable biotech products.


Jhill Johns
Tel/Mobile: 021-850 0531 / 078-273 0321
Email: Jhill@biosafety.org.za

Botlhale Village

Organisation: Belgium Campus

Name of Exhibition: Botlhale Village

Exhibition Summary:

The Bothlale Village ecosystem design stands for a systems approach to building a dynamic, diverse interactive network of relationships that breeds sustainable innovation, and recognises the important position and roles of local and public stakeholders in developing innovation capacity and activity locally, regionally and nationally.

In building a diverse community, that nurtures an active collaborative approach and equitably involves multiple stakeholders that co-exist, co-evolve and co-adapt with each other, Bothlale Village creates “relationship capital” that valorises sustained incremental and transformational ICT value co-creation to the benefit of all stakeholders and across different application domains.

Enrico Jacobs
Tel/Mobile: 012 542 3114 / 082 687 0886
Email: enrico@belgiumcampus.ac.za

British High Commission to South Africa

Organisation: British High Commission to South Africa

Name of Exhibition: UK-SA Science and Education Collaboration

Exhibition Summary:

The UK in South Africa is committed to strengthening partnerships and collaboration in Science, Research and Innovation; to deliver this we have a number of programmes and initiatives to build capacity and create new links between South Africa and the UK. These initiatives include Chevening and Commonwealth scholarships, the UK-SA Newton Fund, the Science and Innovation network and prosperity Fund. The exhibition will provide more information about these and offer advise on how to access the programmes.


Victoria Bungane
Tel/Mobile: 012-421 7786 / 078-281 1250
Email:  victoria.bungane@fco.gov.uk

Cape Citizen Science

Organisation: Cape Citizen Science

Name of Exhibition: Cape Citizen Science

Exhibition Summary:

Cape Citizen Science is a program that engages nonscientists in research and provides opportunities for South Africans to advance scientific discovery. The program has pioneered many methods of engagement with an interdisciplinary balance between education and research that has ignited many conversations about science. More information about the program can be found at http://citsci.co.za.


Joey Hulbert
Tel/Mobile: 073-871 3066
Email:  joey.hulbert@fabi.up.ac.za

Central University of Technology, Free State

Organisation: Central University of Technology, Free State

Name of Exhibition: The Central University of Technology, Free State

Exhibition Summary: “Central University of Technology, Free State (CUT) is the foremost higher education institution in the heartland of South Africa, dedicated to quality education and training in science, engineering and technology. CUT has developed into a leading institution able to take its place on the national, as well as international, higher education landscape.

CUT is a leader in many technology and innovation fields ranging from learning programmes in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) a broad field in which CUT has approximately 48% of enrolments, much higher than South African universities, especially the universities of technology (UoTs).

CUT is a small and dynamic university where students get all the personal attention that they need.

CUT’s tuition fees are comparatively affordable compared to other universities’ tuition fees.

CUT is leading innovation and entrepreneurship education agenda for universities of technology.

CUT has newly revamped and demand-driven learning programmes which are unique in South Africa.

CUT boasts pockets of excellence, including a premier hotel school and leading research and innovation platforms; i.e. world-class 3D printing technology through medical product development.

CUT has the highest percentage of staff with doctorates in the University of Technology sector.
The university has a favourable pass rate.

There is a unique emphasis and focus on Work Integrated Learning (WIL) in all of CUT’s diploma programmes, which enable students to graduate with much-needed experience in their chosen fields.

CUT offers a wide range of qualifications in its four faculties, namely Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Management Sciences, and Faculty of Humanities. CUT also commands respect with its relevant research.

CUT, Thinking Beyond


Ikageng Hoko
Tel/Mobile: 051-507 4307 / 073-929 5115
Email: lhoko@cut.ac.za

Centre for High Performance Computing

Organisation: Centre for High Performance Computing

Name of Exhibition: Centre for High Performance Computing (CHPC)

Exhibition Summary:

The Centre for High Performance Computing (CHPC) provides world-class high performance computing that enables cutting-edge research. It is one of three primary pillars of the National Cyber-infrastructure System (NICIS) of South Africa supported by the Department of Science and Technology and managed by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research.

The South African National Research Network (SANReN) and the Data Intensive Research Infrastructure of South Africa (DIRISA) are the other pillars of NICIS and compliment the CHPC through the provision of high-bandwidth connectivity and effective curation of a variety of large and critical databases.


Nox Moyake
Tel/Mobile: 021-658 3987 / 072-026 6762
Email: NMoyake@csir.co.za

Clarivate Analytics

Organisation: Clarivate Analytics

Name of Exhibition: Surviving the 6th extinction: African scientific research and development toward solving the world’s problems

Exhibition Summary:

The ferocious effects of climate change are increasingly more evident closer to home as Day Zero Looms.
Over 180 million people in sub-Saharan Africa alone could die as a result of climate change by the end of the century.Greenpeace Africa.
As Africa and the rest of the world seek solutions to slow global warming and the adverse effects it has on food production, water levels and disease burden, there has never been before such a need for data and key insights into scientific and clinical research, collaboration and funding opportunities as well as developments in potential lifesaving innovations.


Gail van der Merwe
Tel/Mobile: 064-759 4188
Email: gail.vandermerwe@clarivate.com

Council for Scientific and Industrial Research

Organisation: Council for Scientific and Industrial Research

Name of Exhibition: Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)

Exhibition Summary:

The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, commonly known as the CSIR, is a world-class African research and development organisation established through an Act of Parliament in 1945. The CSIR undertakes directed, multidisciplinary research and technological innovation that contributes to the improved quality of life of South Africans. The organisation plays a key role in supporting government’s programmes through directed research that is aligned with the country’s priorities, the organisation’s mandate and its science, engineering and technology competences.

Key issues that the CSIR seeks to address through various interventions include: creating a vibrant economy and employment opportunities; building a capable state that is able to consistently deliver high-quality services for all South Africans; contributing to the development of economic and social infrastructure like transport, energy, water resources and ICT networks.

Impact is at the core of the CSIR’s mandate. To improve its research focus and ensure that it achieves maximum impact in industry and society, the organisation has identified six research impact areas. The research areas are: the built environment, defence and security, energy, health, industry and the natural environment. To make an impact in these areas, the organisation draws on a rich, multidisciplinary science base and proficiency in enabling technologies such as nanotechnology, materials science, synthetic biology, photonics and information and communications technology.

The CSIR’s state-of-the-art research infrastructure includes laboratories, testing facilities, scientific instruments, equipment, machinery, clean rooms and pilot plants that enable the translation of CSIR research into solid scientific output. Two-thirds of the CSIR’s staff consists of scientists, engineers and technologists, who share a passion for shaping a better future through science and technology innovation.

It is this combination of excellence in research, highly skilled staff and world-class infrastructure that puts the CSIR at the cutting edge of research and technological innovation to ensure a better future through science.


Kediemetse Mahlase
Tel/Mobile: 012 841 3412 / 076 732 1437
Email: kmahlase@csir.co.za

Department of Science and Technology – IK-Based Innovations

Organisation: Department of Science and Technology – IK-based Innovations

Name of Exhibition: IK-based Technology Innovations

Exhibition Summary:

Variety of RDI products derived indigenous knowledge. Natural products e.g, Cosmeceuticals, Health Beverages and Nutraceuticals like Moringa


Mammone Tang
Tel/Mobile: 012-843 6314 / 079-519 4396

Department of Science and Technology- IB Portal

Organisation: DST Innovation Bridge Portal

Name of Exhibition: Innovation Bridge Portal

Exhibition Summary:

The Innovation Bridge Portal- The IBP is an online platform that aims to create linkages and networks between regional, national and international innovators, industry, public and private technology developers and commercialisation funding partners. The IBP is created to serve as online technology matchmaking platform for researchers, innovators, technology developers, and entrepreneurs, to present their technology innovation offerings, and funders and technology seekers to present challenges that can be addressed. The Portal achieves this through its multifaceted functionalities.

The IBP was officially launched by the Minister of Science and Technology on 15 September 2017 at the second Innovation Bridge technology matchmaking and showcase event. The Portal now serves as a virtual and online complement to the biennial showcase event so that innovators, technology developers and funders can collaborate throughout the year. The Innovation Bridge Portal is an initiative of the Department of Science and Technology.


Poloko Motsoapong
Tel/Mobile: 012-841 2821 / 073-718 6188
Email: pmotsoapong@csir.co.za

Department of Science and Technology-R&D Tax Incentive

Organisation: Department of Science and Technology – R&D Tax Incentive

Name of Exhibition: R&D Tax Incentive

Exhibition Summary:

The Research and Development (R&D) Tax Incentive is aimed to encourage private sector investment in scientific and technological R&D in South Africa in terms of section 11D of the Income Tax Act, 1962 (Act No. 58 of 1962). The incentive allows companies undertaking R&D in the country to deduct 150% of R&D expenditure when determining taxable income. For a company with a corporate tax rate of 28%, the incentive translates into 14 cents per Rand spent on R&D. The incentive can be accessed by companies of all sizes and in all sectors of the economy. This forms part of the policy package to promote R&D and innovation in the country.


Dr Nangula Mavhungu
Tel/Mobile: 012-843 6521 / 076-510 0971
Email: Nangula.Mavhungu@dst.gov.za

Dynamic Science Network (DSN)

Organisation: Dynamic Science Network

Name of Exhibition: Strenghtening Research Community Network

Exhibition Summary:

There is a rapid change in research and innovation globally aimed to alternate the strategic management of national publication policy to improve the standard that can fit the local research journals in the future. This change of national publication policy may also improve the impact factors of the local research journals. Dynamic Science Network (DSN) is aimed to:
– Encourage and promote research collaboration or research awareness among research communities (academics, institutions, scientists, researchers, etc.) to strengthen research network;
– Encourage publication of research findings in accredited local journals for socio-economic transformation.


Dr Zelo A Mangombo
Tel/Mobile: 083-949 5684
Email: zmangombo@gmail.com

Embassy of Brazil

Organisation: Embassy of Brazil

Name of Exhibition: Brazilian Science & Technology

Exhibition Summary:

The stand will exhibit initiatives of the Brazilian government in the field of science and technology, in particular on the subjects of smart cities, industry 4.0 and the startup economy.


Second Secretary Gustavo Meira Carneiro
Tel/Mobile: 012-366 5200 / 071-407 9868
Email: gustavo.carneiro@itamaraty.gov.br

Embassy of Finland

Organisation: Embassy of Finland

Name of Exhibition: Finland in South Africa

Exhibition Summary:

Finland: Europe’s most competitive country; bringing innovation and technology to South Africa and the world.


Attaché Sanna Leminen
Tel/Mobile: 012-343 0275/6 /071-302 5866
Email: sanomat.pre@formin.fi

Embassy of Hungary

Organisation: Embassy of Hungary

Name of Exhibition: Hungarian Scholarship Programme

Exhibition Summary:

The Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship program launched by the Hungarian Government offers 100 full university scholarships for South African students. All study courses (over 130 to choose from) are taught in English language and students can apply for Bachelors, Masters or PhD programs in fields such as agriculture, IT, environmental management, water management, natural science, business studies, social studies, international relations etc.
Students travelling to Hungary in the framework of the Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship program are offered the following provisions by the Hungarian Government: tuition, accommodation, monthly allowance and medical insurance for the full duration of their studies. Applications are open until 15 January 2019 on the www.stipendiumhungaricum.hu website.


Agnes Juhasz
Tel: 012 430 5614
Email: hello@studyinhungary.co.za

Embassy of Japan

Organisation: Embassy of Japan

Name of Exhibition: Embassy of Japan

Exhibition Summary:

“The exhibition will emphasize on several Japan-South Africa research cooperation with universities, research institutions and beyond.
Information on opportunities for studying/researching in Japan will also be given.”


Sarama Tsunoda
Tel/Mobile: 012 452 1545
Email: sarama.tsunoda@mofa.go.jp

Embassy of Sweden

Organisation: Embassy of Sweden

Name of Exhibition: Team Sweden

Exhibition Summary:

A joint exhibition between the Embassy of Sweden and Business Sweden to promote Sweden’s advanced position in science, innovation and research. Inform about Study in Sweden and Sweden’s scholarship program with South Africa. Stimulate the discussions about women in science and connect it to Sweden’s female foreign policy. Spreading knowledge about the Swedish Nobel Prize.


Oskar Nielsen
Tel/Mobile: 012-426 6400 / 078-403 0325
Email: oskar.nielsen@gov.se


Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Republic of South Africa

Organisation: Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Republic of South Africa

Name of Exhibition: Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Republic of South Africa

Exhibition Summary:

The cooperation in science, technology and innovation is an integral part of South Africa-China comprehensive strategic partnership.Over the past twenty years, following the principle of reinforcing each other’s complementary advantages and win-win cooperation, South Africa and China have been working to break new grounds on the approach of cooperation, consolidate the foundation of cooperation. Remarkable achievements have been made. Cooperation in science, technology and innovation has become the new highlight and driving force of South Africa-China partnership for mutual benefit and is playing an important role in promoting the upgrade of bilateral relations.


Ms Yu Pang
Tel/Mobile: 012- 430 6551 / 078-585 7094
Email: yupang07@gmail.com

Festo Didactic

Organisation: Festo Didactic

Name of Exhibition: Festo Didactic

Exhibition Summary:

Festo Didactic is the worldwide leader in technical education. The offer includes Learning Systems, i.e. lab and curriculum design, as well as Consulting and Training, i.e training needs analysis / assessments and bespoke program design and delivery. The training provided is geared towards employability, and productivity. The areas of focus are all the elements of Mechatronics, Robotics, a qualification program for Industry 4.0 (Qualification 4.0), and STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math). These interventions will be exhibited in the Festo Eduvan, a unique mobile training vehicle able to accommodate up to twelve learners plus facilitator.


Nico Landman
Tel/Mobile: 011-971 5500 / 083 327 2006
Email: nico.landman@festo.com

Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute

Organisation: Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute

Name of Exhibition: Tree Health Biotechnology Platform at FABI

Exhibition Summary:

Keeping Trees Healthy. Tree health biotechnology aims to promote the health of trees native to South Africa and woody hosts through the use of biotechnology. The focus is primarily on abiotic (climate change and plant genetics) and biotic (pathogens and pests) factors that affect tree health. This exhibit aims to showcase examples of bacteria, fungi and insects that affect South African trees to engage the public on the importance of tree health. This exhibition will provide a scientific conversation starter as it will educate the public on tree diseases, their effects, causes and prevention.


Juanita Avontuur
Tel/Mobile: 012-420 4204 / 081-049 0831
Email: juanita.avontuur@fabi.up.ac.za

German Embassy Pretoria

Organisation: German Embassy Pretoria

Name of Exhibition: Research and Study in Germany

Exhibition Summary:

The exhibition portrays the German science research landscape and the organizations involved in German-South African research cooperation.
The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and AGNES will be present to give specific information on study and research opportunities for students in Germany.


Helen Crafford
Tel/Mobile: 012-427 8983
Email: wiss-100@pret.diplo.de


Organisation: GreenMatter

Name of Exhibition: GreenMatter Partnership

Exhibition Summary:

GreenMatter is an initiative that drives transformation in graduate level skills for Biodiversity. Co-founding partners SANBI (the South African National Biodiversity Institute) and the Lewis Foundation led the development of a Biodiversity Human Capital Development Strategy (BHCDS) in 2009-2010. The strategy is aimed at producing specialist, research and management skills for all organisations with biodiversity mandates, objectives, interest or impact, in the context of skills shortages, the need for social transformation, and opportunities for growth and employment in the greening of the South African economy.

GreenMatter activates through the involvement of a range of organisations, institutions and partners (which include NGOs, SMME’s, parastatals, national and provincial government departments), Higher Education Institutes (HEIs), SETA’s and Business, in delivering through a shared implementation model on the needs for quality skills and transformation.


Janavi Jardine
Tel/Mobile: 011-447 5112 / 084-884 3732
Email: janavi@greenmatter.co.za

H3Africa: Human Heredity and Health in Africa

Organisation: H3Africa: Human Heredity and Health in Africa

Name of Exhibition: H3Africa: Human Heredity and Health in Africa

Exhibition Summary:

The Human, Heredity and Health in Africa (H3Africa) initiative is a partnership among the National Institutes of Health (U.S.A), Accelerating Excellence in Science in Africa (AESA), Wellcome Trust (U.K) and the African Society for Human Genetics. H3Africa aims to enhance the use of genomic approaches to the study of the genomic and environmental determinants of disease in Africa. The initiative supports African population-based genomic studies of common, non-communicable disorders such as heart and renal disease, as well as communicable diseases such as tuberculosis. The studies, are led by African scientists, and use genetic, clinical and epidemiologic methods to identify hereditary and environmental contributions to the risk of illness.


Dr Michelle Skelton
Tel/Mobile: 021-650 19 47
Email: michelle.skelton@uct.ac.za

Human Sciences Research Council

Organisation: Human Sciences Research Council

Name of Exhibition: Human Sciences Research Council

Exhibition Summary:

The human sciences are often overlooked when it comes to scientific engagement. The HSRC’s exhibition will focus on creating an accessible way to engage with delegates on the relevance of human sciences and what it entails. We will showcase the work that we do, in print and video format, inviting visitors to engage with our existing and upcoming research. We see the Forum as an opportunity to present scientific research in various formats. Last year we reproduced our institutional info in a ‘did-you-know’ fact sheet format. In addition, we created an origami fortune teller with institutional facts. We push the boundaries in communicating the science that we do in order to create opportunities for igniting conversations about science. The image attached is a collection of images from the Mini Science Forum that we hosted last year, along with our participation in SFSA last year.


Bridgette Prince
Tel/Mobile: 021-466 7968 / 082-491 2026
Email: bprince@hsrc.ac.za

HySA Infrastructure

Organisation: HySA Infrastructure

Name of Exhibition: Renewable Hydrogen Production and Storage Technologies

Exhibition Summary:

HySA Infrastructure will give a full display of the hydrogen roadmap by showcasing a variety of working small scale demonstrators and supporting exhibition materials.


Neels le Roux
Tel/Mobile: 018-285 2461 / 082-551 1119
Email: neels.leroux@nwu.ac.za

International Science Council ( ISC)

Organisation: International Science Council

Name of Exhibition: ROA Science Plans and other scientific materials

Exhibition Summary:

Exhibiting ISC Regional Office for Africa Science Plans, published books and other scientific relevant materials.


Bongani Mahlalela
Tel/Mobile: 012-003 4518 / 076-986 2296
Email: b.mahlalela@icsu-africa.org

IRD-CNRS-CIRAD Joint Office for Southern Africa and The French Embassy in Pretoria

Organisation: IRD-CNRS-CIRAD Joint Office for Southern Africa and The French Embassy in Pretoria

Name of Exhibition: French cooperation in science, technology and innovation, French Embassy, IRD, CNRS, Cirad

Exhibition Summary:

The IRD-CNRS-CIRAD Joint Office in South Africa has a strategic partnership with the Cultural & Cooperation Service of the French Embassy (SCAC). With a particular focus on collaborative research and capacity building, together we drive our coordinated actions in ST&I cooperation with South Africa and the region.

We will showcase our three research institutes profiles in ST&I cooperation, instruments, on-going projects & programmes, and new partnership opportunities. The French Embassy flagship Master and PhD bursary program and ground-breaking research activities with South Africa such as the F’SATI, the F’SAGRI and IFAS-Research should be also set out. Several brochures, posters and banners will be displayed.

This exhibition will serve as a platform to point out France and South African ST&I cooperation.

This exhibition will serve as a platform to showcase our main collaborative research programs in the following fields: health and environment, agronomy, earth and planetary sciences, marine sciences, paleosciences, physics and chemistry. Dissemination material such as IRD, CNRS and reports should be displayed and documentaries would be screened.

Finally, a quiz will be proposed on some of the key scientific questions of 2018.


Dr Jean-Pascal Torréton
Tel/Mobile: 012-844 0117/0118 / 082-600 5682
Email: jean-pascal.torreton@ird.fr

Italian Embassy in South Africa

Organisation: Italian Embassy in South Africa

Name of Exhibition: Reveal history through science

Exhibition Summary:

Modern archaeology relies more and more on scientific diagnostic methods and techniques to discover, preserve, keep, identify and understand the ancient manufacts whose value is often immense. In a collaboration with the Egyptian Museum in Turin (www.museoegizio.it), the Italian Embassy and the Italian Institute of Culture are planning to showcase the scientific techniques and methods which form the core of modern archaeology and are at the forefront of archaeological research (including the conservation techniques).

3-D reconstruction of manufacts and sites, laser scanning, image processing, photogrammetry, 3-d printing, tomography, neutronic radiography and diffraction, georadar, ultrasounds, CAT scans are some of the techniques currently used by the Egyptian Museum in Turin to perform up-to-date investigations and achieve the best understanding of its outstanding collection. Modern scientific instruments and large scale scientific infrastructures play a crucial role, being the analysis tools capable to realize accurate investigations and to achieve important results. The stand will showcase the links between science, technology, history and culture.


Dr Pierguido Sarti
Tel/Mobile: 012-423 0036 / 079-602 6335
Email: pretoria.scienza@esteri.it

JIAS – Johannesburg Institute for Advanced Study

Organisation: JIAS – Johannesburg Institute for Advanced Study

Name of Exhibition: JIAS

Exhibition Summary:

Showcasing the University of Johannesburg and its research, innovation and academic expertise, achievements and exciting international partnerships. The Global Excellence and Stature strategic initiative focuses on our contribution to the region, country, continent and global community and advancing the 4th industrial revolution. Among several of entities is Pan African Institute for Thought and Conversation which ignites conversation on matters related to driven by and affecting Africa, and the Confucius Institute stimulating South Africa China cultural and partnerships. The Johannesburg Institute for Advanced Study (JIAS) promotes advanced research in the humanities and natural sciences, beyond the regular teaching and research activities at institutions of higher learning.


Reshmi Singh
Tel/Mobile: 011-559 1784 / 072-786 2226
Email: reshmis@uj.ac.za

Jive Media

Organisation: Jive Media Africa

Name of Exhibition: Science Spaza

Exhibition Summary:

We are a science communication company that aims that runs the Science Spaza programme. The programme aims to create a link between young people in under-resourced environments and the science and technology community.


Robert Inglis
Tel/Mobile: 033-342 9380 / 084-357 7333
Email: Robert@jive.co.za

Johnson & Johnson

Organisation: Johnson & Johnson Innovation

Name of Exhibition: Johnson & Johnson Innovation – Champions of Science

Exhibition Summary:

Science impacts our world in a multitude of ways. But it also can seem complex and mysterious. It can be difficult to make the connection between research done in a lab and the impact it has on our daily lives. Through the Champions of Science platform, Johnson & Johnson is aiming to make science simple, relatable, relevant and human, and engage more people in supporting science and pursuing science careers.


Diane Pressman
Tel/Mobile: +1 908 927-6171 / +1 908 295-0857
Email: dpressm1@its.jnj.com

Malesela Samuel Mogale Business Enterprise CC

Organisation: Malesela Samuel Mogale Business Enterprise CC

Name of Exhibition: FINTECH

Exhibition Summary:

The Fan Blog App is available for download https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/the-fan-blog-app/id1082230097?ls=1&mt=8 compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It can integrate SAP, SAP HANA, AWS, SalesForce, .NET, CRM, Biztalk, SharePoint, SSRS, SSIS, SSAS, ORACLE, JAVA and PHP. If you need an App e-mail ceo@pdca.co.za for a quotation. We develop Apps for iPhones, iPads, iPodTouch, Windows Phones, Blackberry and Android.


Malesela Samuel Mogale
Tel/Mobile: 082-959 7389

Moshabi Analytical Services And Training Solutions Pty(Ltd)

Organisation: Moshabi Analytical Services And Training Solutions Pty (Ltd)

Name of Exhibition: Density and Titration

Exhibition Summary:

We are the company which is based in Middelburg busy with all the coal testing /analysis. Our daily task is to run all the tests which includes the proximates ,total sulphur and calorific value in addition we do set the densities on a daily basis for washability purposes/float and sink and we do run the titration(AFT and reducing and oxidising) and currently we did managed to recruite 200 unemployed leaners with maths and science in order to give them the skill and training on the above mentioned tests and we do have labs we work with for placements.


Timothy Makwena
Tel/Mobile: 071-5797 993
Email: moshabilabs@gmail.com

National Research Foundation

Organisation: National Research Foundation

Name of Exhibition: Advancing research excellence for societal benefit

Exhibition Summary:

The National Research Foundation(NRF) contributes to national development through supporting and promoting research and human capital development; provision of critical research infrastructure; supporting and promoting science engagements; and promoting the development of the national science system. The NRF also promotes South African research interests internationally, and together with research institutions, industry and international partners builds bridges to the benefit of all partners and the country. The NRF exhibition at the SFSA will showcase funding opportunities available at the NRF for postgraduate students and researchers; opportunities for research collaboration; the NRF research facilities and research outputs (publications) produced.


Lerato Mpetshwa
Tel/Mobile: 012 481 4357
Email: lerato.mpetshwa@nrf.ac.za

National Science & Technology Forum

Organisation: National Science and Technology Forum

Name of Exhibition: Your Civil Society Forum

Exhibition Summary:

We give people insight into the work that NSTF does, that includes the NSTF-South32 Awards, the NSTF Discussion Forums, The NSTF Youth Programmes (Brilliants Programme, Science Bursaries Directory and Share ‘n Dare Programme) and membership.


Fulufhelo Gelebe
Tel/Mobile: 012-841 4591 / 072-882 2332
Email: fgelebe@nstf.co.za

NEPAD – Southern Africa Network for Biosciences

Organisation: NEPAD Southern Africa Network for Biosciences

Name of Exhibition: NEPAD SANBio – Southern Africa Network for Biosciences

Exhibition Summary:

The Southern Africa Network for Biosciences is a regional network which facilitates collaborative biosciences research, development and innovation in the SADC region with a focus on the impact areas of health and nutrition. SANBio will be showcasing its initiatives as well as products developed by its projects and partners through the support of the Finnish-Southern African Partnership Programme BioFISA II.


Markku-Eemeli Pekonen
Tel/Mobile: 012-841 4039 / 079-720 8696
Email: mpekonen@csir.co.za

Phulukisa Health Solutions

Organisation: Phulukisa Health Solutions

Name of Exhibition: Phulukisa Health Solutions

Exhibition Summary:

With the advent of smart devices and smart phone, the technological capabilities available seem to be poorly harnessed by the medical community. By enabling a nurse or a medical technician in a primary care clinic with cost-effective tools and allowing access to online platforms, we provide a solution where a client can be screened at home and have the results uploaded to our databases. A health assessment score is given using our cloud-based AI platform. The computed algorithms would pick out-of-range values and they would then be forwarded/ escalated to relevant clinicians and further action could be taken. In so doing, many patients could be safely seen or monitored without compromising on quality. It would also give greater scope to the nurses and medical technicians and make our burdened system less reliant on doctors and specialists without compromising care. It allows for pre-emptive screening and the early detection of diseases and prevention of complications. Follow up visits for patients can now be done remotely without clients having to be travelling great distances to be seen. The solution and platform is available as a backpack version, clinic desktop version and as a mobile bus.


Dr Raymond Campbell
Tel/Mobile: 066-306 0842 / 082 202 2156
Email: raymond@phulukisa.co.za

SA Innovation Summit (Pty) Ltd

Organisation: SA Innovation Summit (Pty) Ltd

Name of Exhibition: SA Innovation Summit

Exhibition Summary:

The SA Innovation Summit, as the giant accelerator of the South African economy, aims to showcase and promote African Tech Entrepreneurs and their innovations. The main focus is to support new ideas, research, inventions and the tech entrepreneur, how they can venture their businesses and become investible. The Summit does this by bringing together the key players in the ecosystem; corporates, investors, policy makers and entrepreneurs, and providing a platform for them to network, share their experiences and learn. Additionally, the Summit challenges and inspires conversations around the impact on our environments and identifying how we can effect meaningful change.


Dr Audrey Verhaeghe
Tel/Mobile: 082 708 1960 / 082 578 0728
Email: audrey@innovationsummit.co.za


SA-EU Science & Technology Cooperation

Organisation: SA-EU Science & Technology Cooperation

Name of Exhibition: SA-EU Science & Technology Cooperation

Exhibition Summary:

The Strengthening technology, research and innovation cooperation between Europe and South Africa (ESASTAP 2020) is a project funded by the European Commission in collaboration with the Department of Science and Technology. Together with the European Union Delegation in South Africa, ESASTAP 2020 will have a joint exhibition stand envisioning the SFSA 2018 theme: “IGNITING CONVERSATIONS ABOUT SCIENCE”. The project aims to enhance cooperation through the participation of South African researchers in EU-funded projects and reciprocal arrangements for European innovators. It also seeks to develop new joint SA-EU science and technology initiatives. The stand will communicate the message of the importance of creating networks in the context of international collaboration (and highlight funding opportunities that are available to South African researchers who are looking to collaborate with their European counterparts. On display will be interactive artefacts that seek to ignite conversation about science diplomacy at all ages.


Seipelo Kgosiejang
Tel/Mobile: 012-843 6402 / 076-520 5674
Email: Seipelo.Kgosiejang@dst.gov.za

Science CEO Academy

Organisation: ScienceCEO Academy

Name of Exhibition: STEM Education

Exhibition Summary:

ScienceCEO Academy is a world leading change agent of science, technology, engineering, mathematics and innovation (STEMI) in schools, communities and research environment; founded as a non-profit company in 2015 (Reg: 2015/365815/08) by STEM Professionals.

The principal aims of the Academy is to increase number of matriculants that qualify to study degrees in STEM through providing them with tutorials at High School level mainly at under-resourced Schools, to mentor and guide them on career choices; to equip educators with necessary technological tools (e-learning) to further develop their competency in delivering of the curriculum; and to promote innovation.

The Academy will showcase the projects that it has conducted in KwaZulu Natal and services that it offers which are the following:

  • Tutoring Program
  • Mentoring Program
  • E-Learning Systems
  • STEM Career guidance
  • Girls-In-STEM Program
  • Teachers-In-STEM Program
  • Educational workshops

The Academy provides the above mentioned services through partnership with Department of Basic Education, Department of Higher Education; and companies.


Nozibusiso Gumede
Tel/Mobile: 031-941 6020 / 072-761 9863
Email: gumedenozi@gmail.com

ScienceLink | SciBraai

Organisation: ScienceLink | SciBraai

Name of Exhibition: #SciComm in the Digital Age

Exhibition Summary:

ScienceLink and SciBraai are sister organisations focused on research communication. ScienceLink helps researchers reach their audiences through social media, data visualisation, digital story-telling, interactive apps, images, video and sound. SciBraai is a proudly South African NPO dedicated to science communication, science journalism and outreach.


Anina Mumm
Tel/Mobile: 011-477 2193 / 072-217 5544
Email: anina@sciencelink.co.za

Scifest Africa

Organisation: Scifest Africa

Name of Exhibition: Scifest Africa

Exhibition Summary:

Scifest Africa, South Africa’s National Science Festival, was established in 1996 to promote the public awareness, understanding and appreciation of science, technology and innovation. Using inexpensive consumables and unsophisticated and accessible equipment this exhibition will demonstrate how the general public can engage with science in ways that are interactive, accessible and fun. Activities will include a range of demonstrations that can be repeated at home or in the classroom, as well as simple and fast workshops with take away components and resource material. The National Science Festival is supported by the Department of Science and Technology.


Pumza Tshebe
Tel/Mobile: 046-603 1106 / 073-206 7706
Email: manager@scifest.org.za

Sibayeni Metrofarming

Organisation: Sibayeni Metrofarming

Name of Exhibition: Sibayeni Metrofarming

Exhibition Summary:

  • Metrofarming which design and showcase vertical farming of leafy vegetables
  • It allows farming in small spaces and saves up to 90% water
  • It give an opportunity for youth to start farming businesses within the Cities and townships
  • It Promotes food production education for schools


Samkelisiwe Chunda
Tel/Mobile: 072- 014 0217
Email: sibayeniyeep@gmail.com


Organisation: SKYLABS

Name of Exhibition: SKYLABS

Exhibition Summary:

Suppliers of Laboratory Equipment, dehydrated culture media Laboratory Chemicals, Laboratory Glassware & Laboratory Medical Equipment.


Nishan Naidoo
Tel/Mobile: 011- 434 2832 / 083-513 1751
Email: nishan@skylabslns.co.za

South African Agency for Science and Technology Advancement – Famelab

Organisation: South African Agency for Science and Technology Advancement

Name of Exhibition: Famelab

Exhibition Summary:

FameLab is one of the biggest science communication competitions in the world, run in over 30 countries worldwide. FameLab identifies and nurtures science communication skills in young scientists, who are challenged to engage and entertain public audiences and communicate their science in under 3 minutes. Talks are fun and engaging, making science relevant to everyone. Heats are run by institutions across the country to select semi-finalists to attend a master class run by an international trainer. The winner of the FameLab SA finals represents South Africa at the international competition at Cheltenham Science Festival in the UK. FameLab® is an initiative of the Cheltenham Festivals. The British Council, NRF/SAASTA and Jive Media Africa are partners in delivering the international FameLab® competition in South Africa.


Joanne Riley
Tel/Mobile: 012-392 9349 / 073-472 5341
Email: joanne@saasta.ac.za


South African Agency for Science and Technology Advancement – Science Lens

Organisation: South African Agency for Science and Technology Advancement

Name of Exhibition: Science Lens

Exhibition Summary:

SA Science Lens has been running since 2002, producing a collection of beautiful photographs that inspire interest in and ignite conversations on diverse scientific topics. From tiny crystal structures to star-shaped nerve cells, come and delve beyond the usual and be inspired by the beauty of science. The South African Agency for Science and Technology Advancement’s SA Science Lens competition opens a window into art in science, sharing the beauty that many scientists are exposed to with all South Africans. Be amazed and inspired by textures, shapes, patterns and colours of a world you may have never seen before, from the sky to the oceans, to the life inside us. Science and art come together to form a unique display of visual fascination and splendour.


Joanne Riley
Tel/Mobile: 012-392 9349 / 073-472 5341
Email: joanne@saasta.ac.za


South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions

Organisation: South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions

Name of Exhibition: SACNASP

Exhibition Summary:

The South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions (SACNASP) is a registration and regulation authority for natural science professions in South Africa as sanctioned by Natural Scientific Professions Act (Act no. 27 of 2003). The core business of the Council is the registration of natural scientists. It also promotes the practice of natural science professions in South Africa, exercise control over the standard of professional conduct of professional natural scientists and recognise education and training which is a prerequisite for registration in terms of the Act. SACNASP is supported by 50 Voluntary Associations (VA’s) and has a network of over 12 500 registered scientists from 25 different fields of practices. Most of the professional expertise that supports the Council’s operations resides within these VA’s. The exhibition at the Science Forum South Africa 2018 will serve as a platform to converse about the immense diversity that exists within the science community and just how science affects all our lives. Marketing material, including the voluntary association report on science, will be displayed.


Matshidiso Matabane
Tel/Mobile: 012-748 6501 / 082-352 6296
Email: mbmatabane@sacnasp.org.za

South African National Space Agency

Organisation: South African National Space Agency

Name of Exhibition: SANSA

Exhibition Summary:

South Africa’s strives to be a leader in space on the continent with solutions to local challenges whilst developing the necessary human capital and innovative technologies. In partnership with local and international academia, industry and stakeholders, SANSA is able to provide substantive collaborations for the benefit of society.


Vaneshree Maharaj
Tel/Mobile: 082 851 9317 | 012 844 0399
Email: vmaharaj@sansa.org.za

South African Radio Astronomy Observatory

Organisation: SARAO / SKA SA

Name of Exhibition: South African Radio Astronomy Observatory

Exhibition Summary:

The South African Radio Astronomy Observatory (SARAO) will be displaying its Centre of the Milky Way Galaxy image, based on observations made with South Africa’s MeerKAT radio telescope, showing the clearest view yet of the central regions of our galaxy. At the distance of the galactic centre (located within the white area near image centre), this 2 degree by 1 degree panorama corresponds to an area of approximately 1,000 light-years by 500 light-years. The colour scheme chosen to display the signals represents the brightness of the radio waves recorded by the telescope (ranging from red for faint emission to orange to yellow to white for the brightest areas). This image shows a wealth of never before seen features, as well as a clearer view of previously known supernova remnants, star-forming regions, and radio filaments.


Niesa Burgher & Lorenzo Raynard
Tel/Mobile: 021-514 1200 / 078-643 1506 / 071-454 0658
Email: niesa@ska.ac.za / lraynard@ska.ac.za

Southern African Development Community

Organisation: Southern African Development Community

Name of Exhibition: Promoting Regional Cooperartion and Integration

Exhibition Summary:

Sharing information with stakeholders on the mandate of SADC as an organization and giving out information through books and publications. The publications and books to be displayed and given to the public will be those about science so as to “Ignite Conversations about Science”


Peter Mabaka
Tel/Mobile: (+267) 364 1830 / (+267) 74 256 463
Email: peter.mabaka@gmail.com

Southern African Research and Innovation Management Association

Organisation: Southern African Research and Innovation Management Association

Name of Exhibition: SARIMA

Exhibition Summary:

Display of all SARIMA activities and short courses we offer. SARIMA’s purpose is to strengthen the research and innovation system to ensure the social and economic development of the Southern African region and wider African community. The management of research has emerged as a specialised area not only at higher education and other research institutions but also in government and funding agencies (Olsson & Meek, 2013) and in other sectors such as industry and non-governmental organisations. One of the overarching objectives of SARIMA is to develop the discipline of research management by embarking on the pioneering work of professionalising the discipline.


Katlego Kekae
Tel/Mobile: 012 -841 2057 / 076-391 4771
Email: katlegok@sarima.co.za

Southern African Science Service Centre for Climate Change and Adaptive Land Management

Organisation: Southern African Science Service Centre for Climate Change and Adaptive Land Management

Name of Exhibition: SASSCAL Exhibition

Exhibition Summary:

Southern African Science Service Centre for Climate Change and Adaptive Land Management (SASSCAL) is a joint regional initiative of SADC countries, namely, Angola, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Zambia, and the international partner, Germany. SASSCAL exhibition its products and services including the research achievements and capacity developments done in the region.


Peter Shisani
Tel/Mobile: 012-481 4319 / 072-551 3528
Email: peter.shisani@nrf.ac.za

SpringBots South Africa

Organisation: SpringBots South Africa

Name of Exhibition: SpringBots South Africa

Exhibition Summary:

Team SpringBots South Africa comprises of a group of young talented students with a passion for STEM/STEAM. Having recently competed at the FGC2018 in Mexico City during August 2018, achieving 1st place with a Gold Medal from Walt Disney for Innovation and Creativity and achieving an overall word ranking of 6th position out of a total of 184 countries who competed. An annual selection process is facilitated to formulate the team to represent SA at this prestigious Robotics Olympics, and the kids representing the team must have a passion for creating a positive impact within their Communities, Country and Globally.


Roxanne Reddy
Tel/Mobile: 076-401 4471
Email: Roxanne.reddy@icloud.com

SPRU – Science Policy Research Unit

Organisation: SPRU – Science Policy Research Unit

Name of Exhibition: Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU), University of Sussex

Exhibition Summary:

The University of Sussex is a leading research-intensive university near Brighton. We have both an international and local outlook, with staff and students from more than 100 countries and frequent engagement in community activities and services. Over 75% of research activity at Sussex is categorised as world leading (4*) or internationally excellent (3*) in terms of originality, significance and rigour. With over 50 years’ experience, the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) at the University of Sussex is internationally recognised as a leading centre of interdisciplinary research on science, technology and innovation (STI) policy. SPRU continues to push the frontiers of knowledge in STI Policy
Source: https://www.sussex.ac.uk/about/facts/facts-figures; http://www.sussex.ac.uk/spru/


Dr Chux Daniels
Tel/Mobile: 1 x +44(0) 1273 876 581 / +44(0) 79 5046 5054
Email: C.U.Daniels@sussex.ac.uk

Stellenbosch University

Organisation: Stellenbosch University

Name of Exhibition: Stellenbosch University

Exhibition Summary:

The exhibition will focus on research activities of Stellenbosch University. It will feature the MACE award winning annual report, which provides a snapshot of research at SU, with the focus to highlight activities where SU can contribute to the National Development Plan of Government, where our research has made an impact and where it can benefit society. It is also a product which aims to make science accessible to a broader audience and ignite conversations about science. The exhibition will also provide information on our CoE`s and Chairs, with a focus on highlighting opportunities for further studies for postgraduate students. We will also provide brochures and further information on specific areas of research expertise where opportunities for further national and international collaboration with stakeholders from the HE sector and industry exist. It will also feature information about the SToRM project: “Strengthening of collaboration, leadership and professionalisation in Research Management


Maryke Hunter-Husselmann
Tel/Mobile: 021-808 4623 / 082-438 8408
Email: mh3@sun.ac.za

Tech Savvy Kids S.A

Organisation: Tech Savvy Kids S.A

Name of Exhibition: Tech Savvy Kids S.A

Exhibition Summary:

Our Exhibition space will be managed by our students, who will showcase Robotics, Artificial Intelligence: Prototype gadgets. Some of our students will be coding and we will have a mini Maker Space.


Palesa Mahlangu
Tel/Mobile: 061- 489 5483 / 076 – 752 4238
Email: palesa@techsavvykids.co.za

Technology Innovation Agency

Organisation: Technology Innovation Agency

Name of Exhibition: Technology Innovation Agency

Exhibition Summary: TIA Bioprocessing Platform

The TIA Bioprocessing Platform is the epicentre for activities that support biotechnology projects with a commercial potential, and diagnostics-based projects. The Platform supports technology development by providing a conducive technical and business environment to entrepreneurs and researchers, therefore allowing for the development of new biotechnology products and processes, as well as diagnostic solutions within South Africa.

The facility has four (4) dedicated fermentation suites, two (2) microbiology laboratories, and one (1) analytical laboratory, which are all designed to support fermentation process development and downstream processing of whole broths, clarified suspensions, and an array of biological materials, including agricultural by-products.

In addition, the diagnostics unit is equipped with Hybridoma, Low Humidity, Protein and Molecular Biology laboratories to support the development of monoclonal antibodies together with other protein based bio-solutions. The Platform is located within the Umbongintwini Industrial Complex, south of Durban and is strategically positioned in an area suitable for industrial bioprocessing as well as research and development.


Sani Gumede
Tel/Mobile: 031 904 9753/66
Email: sani.gumede@tia.org.za

The Conversation Africa 

Organisation: The Conversation Africa

Name of Exhibition: The Conversation Africa

Exhibition Summary:

The Conversation is a not-for-profit initiative serving universities and the research sector in Africa. Our mission is to mainstream the voices of science and support science communication activities. We do this by working with academics and scientists, who themselves write and provide fact/evidence/research-based analytical articles on various societal issues and articles about their research findings as well. Our editors work with academics and researchers to publish short these articles, +/- 800 words. Our objective is to make the knowledge produced in the academy
accessible, easy to understand and freely available for the public. Articles are published daily on our website – https://theconversation.com/africa

. We publish under a Creative Commons Licence and advocate for open access. All articles can be republished. Since launching, cumulatively all articles as at the end of June 2018 have reached over 50 million reads online globally.


Pfungwa Nyamukachi
Tel/Mobile: 011-717 8881 / 082-556 5181
Email: pfungwa.nyamukachi@theconversation.com

The Netherlands

Organisation: Netherlands Education Support Office

Name of Exhibition: The Netherlands

Exhibition Summary:

The Netherlands is known for its innovative and entrepreneurial approach to societal issues. At the exhibition we will present opportunities for academic development and cooperation with the Netherlands. Examples are the NRF-Nuffic PhD programme, other study opportunities and innovative ways of triple helix cooperation like a South African-Netherlands Living Lab Smart Cities.


Mervin Bakker
Tel/Mobile: 012-346 0982 / 071-372 1528
Email: mbakker@nuffic.nl

Traditional Healers Organisation (THO)

Organisation: Traditional Healers Organisation

Name of Exhibition: Traditional Healers Organisation (THO)

Exhibition Summary:

We will provide information and education to communities on indigenous knowledge systems, clarify misconception on the role of Traditional Health Practitioners and Knowledgeholder on IKS and innovation


Greaves Mufamadi
Tel/Mobile: 011-337 6177 / 082-769 8041
Email: thohealth@gmail.com

University  Western Cape

Organisation: University Western Cape

Name of Exhibition: Nanoscience Platform

Exhibition Summary:

The Nanoscience Platform operates across 4 universities (NMU, UFS, UJ, UWC) and 3 study fields (Biomedical Science, Chemistry, Physics) responsible for managing the 2 year Masters Degree in Nanoscience programme funded by DST. The exhibition will provide detail of how the programme functions, the research covered by the students and how the students performed to date. The exhibition will highlight specific items from the programme and the student achievements. The purpose of the exhibition is to bring this programme to the attention of students attending the Science Forum for them to enrol, also to academics from other universities to enlighten them about the programme.

Conversations about science:

Nanotechnology is the latest disruptive technology with impact on all spheres of science, technology, human life and lifestyles and it is important to let the general public know about this and be aware of all its influences on humans and the environment. The exhibition act as a discussion point on the new research and developments and future products envisioned. The overlapping role of nanoscience in all science fields will be a prime discussion point.


Prof. Dirk Knoesen
Tel/Mobile: 082-459 8441
Email: dknoesen@uwc.ac.za

University of Johannesburg

Organisation: University of Johannesburg

Name of Exhibition: University of Johannesburg

Exhibition Summary:

Showcasing the University of Johannesburg and its research, innovation and academic expertise, achievements and exciting international partnerships. The Global Excellence and Stature strategic initiative focuses on our contribution to the region, country, continent and global community and advancing the 4th industrial revolution. Among several of entities is Pan African Institute for Thought and Conversation which ignites conversation on matters related to driven by and affecting Africa, and the Confucius Institute stimulating South Africa China cultural and partnerships. The Johannesburg Institute for Advanced Study (JIAS) promotes advanced research in the humanities and natural sciences, beyond the regular teaching and research activities at institutions of higher learning.


Dr Carol Nonkwelo
Tel/Mobile: 011-559 6556 / 082-440 3116
Email: cnonkwelo@uj.ac.za

University of Pretoria

Organisation: University of Pretoria

Name of Exhibition: University of Pretoria

Exhibition Summary:

The University of Pretoria (UP) is one of leading research-intensive universities in Africa and beyond. UP exhibition will showcase research activities conducted by its nine Faculties and over 100 research institutes and research centres. In addition, academic programmes offered by the university through its Faculties will be exhibited.


Dr Aceme Nyika
Tel/Mobile: 012-420 6851
Email: Aceme.Nyika@up.ac.za

US-SA Higher Education Network

Organisation: US-SA Higher Education Network

Name of Exhibition: US-SA Higher Education Network

Exhibition Summary:

The United States – South Africa Higher Education Network is a coalition of universities, foundations and government agencies dedicated to building a brighter future by strengthening ties among our institutions of higher education.

The US-SA Network aims to:

  • Develop exchange programs between students, staff, and faculty in South Africa and the United States.
  • Enhance the doctoral pipeline.
  • Develop collaborative professional development opportunities for staff of higher education institutions in South Africa and the United States.
  • Develop opportunities for collaborative research for researchers from higher education institutions in South Africa and the United States.


Rebecca Pena
Email: rebecca.pena@rutgers.edu

World Federation of Science Journalists

Organisation: World Federation of Science Journalists

Name of Exhibition: World Federation of Science Journalists

Exhibition Summary:

The exhibit of the World Federation of Science Journalists presents the Federation and its activities representing more than 10,000 science journalists through its 59 Member Associations worldwide. Trainings, workshops, toolkits, webinars and seminars are some of the activities we organise to advance science journalism. Do not hesitate to come and meets with us.


Christophe Bourillon
Tel/Mobile: 001-514 508 2777 / 0033-613 209 277
Email: cbourillon@wfsj.org