Organisation: Phulukisa Health Solutions

Name of Exhibition: Phulukisa Health Solutions

Exhibition Summary:

With the advent of smart devices and smart phone, the technological capabilities available seem to be poorly harnessed by the medical community. By enabling a nurse or a medical technician in a primary care clinic with cost-effective tools and allowing access to online platforms, we provide a solution where a client can be screened at home and have the results uploaded to our databases. A health assessment score is given using our cloud-based AI platform. The computed algorithms would pick out-of-range values and they would then be forwarded/ escalated to relevant clinicians and further action could be taken. In so doing, many patients could be safely seen or monitored without compromising on quality. It would also give greater scope to the nurses and medical technicians and make our burdened system less reliant on doctors and specialists without compromising care. It allows for pre-emptive screening and the early detection of diseases and prevention of complications. Follow up visits for patients can now be done remotely without clients having to be travelling great distances to be seen. The solution and platform is available as a backpack version, clinic desktop version and as a mobile bus.


Dr Raymond Campbell
Tel/Mobile: 066-306 0842 / 082 202 2156