Stellenbosch University

Organisation: Stellenbosch University

Name of Exhibition: Stellenbosch University

Exhibition Summary:

The exhibition will focus on research activities of Stellenbosch University. It will feature the MACE award winning annual report, which provides a snapshot of research at SU, with the focus to highlight activities where SU can contribute to the National Development Plan of Government, where our research has made an impact and where it can benefit society. It is also a product which aims to make science accessible to a broader audience and ignite conversations about science. The exhibition will also provide information on our CoE`s and Chairs, with a focus on highlighting opportunities for further studies for postgraduate students. We will also provide brochures and further information on specific areas of research expertise where opportunities for further national and international collaboration with stakeholders from the HE sector and industry exist. It will also feature information about the SToRM project: “Strengthening of collaboration, leadership and professionalisation in Research Management


Maryke Hunter-Husselmann
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