Technology Innovation Agency

Organisation: Technology Innovation Agency

Name of Exhibition: Technology Innovation Agency

Exhibition Summary: TIA Bioprocessing Platform

The TIA Bioprocessing Platform is the epicentre for activities that support biotechnology projects with a commercial potential, and diagnostics-based projects. The Platform supports technology development by providing a conducive technical and business environment to entrepreneurs and researchers, therefore allowing for the development of new biotechnology products and processes, as well as diagnostic solutions within South Africa.

The facility has four (4) dedicated fermentation suites, two (2) microbiology laboratories, and one (1) analytical laboratory, which are all designed to support fermentation process development and downstream processing of whole broths, clarified suspensions, and an array of biological materials, including agricultural by-products.

In addition, the diagnostics unit is equipped with Hybridoma, Low Humidity, Protein and Molecular Biology laboratories to support the development of monoclonal antibodies together with other protein based bio-solutions. The Platform is located within the Umbongintwini Industrial Complex, south of Durban and is strategically positioned in an area suitable for industrial bioprocessing as well as research and development.


Sani Gumede
Tel/Mobile: 031 904 9753/66