11:30-12:00 The Power of Football to Enliven Science

Presenter: Mr Mbulelo Gxagxisa

Mr Mbulelo Gxagxisa

Mbulelo was born of parents from Eastern Cape who migrated to Soweto. He was born in Orlando East in July 31st 1968 until he attended school in Meadowlands where he did not finish his schooling as a result of the turbulent 80s in the history of our country forcing him to leave school while he was in Grade 11. Like any boy who grew in the township he started playing football in the dusty streets of Soweto later playing for Meadowlands Gunners as a central defender in the amateur ranks. He was fascinated by the invention of the telescope by Galileo Galilei while at school later finding out as a parolee that the bible was the first to enunciate of the creation of the earth and its shape thereof asserting its Creator thereof in the book of Isaiah 40:22 while attending biblical classes of Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Seventh-Day Adventist Church.

It was while being in parole that he read from Times media that the 20th century violinist Lord Mehunin of Israel that an intense session of playing the instrument in a concert changed the perception of a famous Physicist Albert Einstein about God as he confessed after the concert by going straight to Mehunin and said that I now believe that there is a God out there. The adverse socio-economic implications saw Mbulelo landing in prison for attempted robbery. It was in prison that he joined Jomo Cosmos and the love for science after the club visited the correctional institution on a rehabilitation mission and Cosmos being a scientific definition for the universe making it natural for him to join the Cosmos faithful. He is presently lobbying the club to join forces with the Department of Science and Technology to promote science and mathematics in schools and youth clubs.

While in a correctional centre he formed an organization of the reformed inmates and ex-offenders, presently lobbying the Department of Trade and Industry and Business against Crime to change the mindset of a potential malefactor.

As you may know that the game of football is influenced by science, notably the kinetic energy. An array of concepts have been conceived by myself for the love of science in my capacity as the chairman of the Jomo Cosmos football club supporter’s branch. The starting point of the concept’s audio-visual advert should be with JomoSono the banana kick (Magnus effect) specialist in his heyday in the field of play, discussing a point with young scientists in the C.S.I.R. brainstorming place, it is important that the scientists in the proposed advert should be 10 to 12 year olds with good communication skills two of whom have been identified by myself to suit the strategy of the S.F.S.A.

Remember the initiative of your Forum is about the future creating an interest for science to school going kids would be a marvel to watch especially if the kids discuss a serious subject of science with a figure like JomoSono who was voted the South Africa’s player of the century in radio Metro’s popular Marawa’s Sports Worldwide then known as Metro Sports Centre at the dawn of the new millennium. The young scientists who should be eight sitting with Sono around the table should be dressed in white dust coats to create scenario of science discussion peppered with humor.

The point that young scientists are discussing is an inquiry by the female scientist of boredom in watching soccer matches in the 21st century that have the absence of excitement as the soccer players don’t know that the game should be treated with respect emphasizing the involvement of science when the ball curls in motion (Magnus effect) emanating from a player’s kick in a match. As they discuss the point with Sono he switches the video where he (Sono) was in action showing a technique and art of taking the banana kick as it is affectionately known in our soccer circles.

The video is sourced from the SABC archives it shows Sono at his best. The audio-visual advert concludes with a serious male scientist stressing the importance of science in the following words Science is everywhere-the future is science. I am sure you will appreciate that the intellect behind the audio-visual advert should be compensated.