University  Western Cape

Organisation: University Western Cape

Name of Exhibition: Nanoscience Platform

Exhibition Summary:

The Nanoscience Platform operates across 4 universities (NMU, UFS, UJ, UWC) and 3 study fields (Biomedical Science, Chemistry, Physics) responsible for managing the 2 year Masters Degree in Nanoscience programme funded by DST. The exhibition will provide detail of how the programme functions, the research covered by the students and how the students performed to date. The exhibition will highlight specific items from the programme and the student achievements. The purpose of the exhibition is to bring this programme to the attention of students attending the Science Forum for them to enrol, also to academics from other universities to enlighten them about the programme.

Conversations about science:

Nanotechnology is the latest disruptive technology with impact on all spheres of science, technology, human life and lifestyles and it is important to let the general public know about this and be aware of all its influences on humans and the environment. The exhibition act as a discussion point on the new research and developments and future products envisioned. The overlapping role of nanoscience in all science fields will be a prime discussion point.


Prof. Dirk Knoesen
Tel/Mobile: 082-459 8441